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Solutions & Services

Following is a brief list of the services we provide for our clients:

• Services & Consulting
• Contract Programming & Consulting.
• Networking & Connectivity.
• Communications.
• Internet E-Commerce Services.
• Web Site Development & Maintenance.

Network Consulting

BHSM Systems, LLC. provides professional services and expert knowledge for every phase of a network structure. Part of this process is working with the client to devise a detailed plan that will define what will be delivered to the client as well as how the success of the project will be measured. BHSM Systems, LLC. performs various progress reviews to insure that all projects meet and exceed the client’s objectives in a timely manner. Following are the various phases of a Network Structure Design & Implementation:


BHSM Systems, LLC. can provide clients with a detailed review of their current network structure and future network requirements. BHSM Systems, LLC. can also help clients plan a network structure from the ground up. Following are some of the details of Network Planning.

• Defining Requirements
• Preparing plans for the Physical Network
• Selecting Proven Technology
• Performing Network Baseline Audits
• Conducting Network Security Audits


BHSM Systems, LLC. can assist clients with their physical network, as well as their logical and operational network. The design phase produces detailed network specifications aimed at archiving the client’s objectives. The design phase also take into account how to integrate new technologies into the client’s existing system. Some of the major steps in design areas follows:

• Defining functional requirements
• Developing plans for integration
• Preparing technical denomination
• Providing detailed descriptions of component needs


The network implementation phase of the network structure includes services such as project management, IP addressing and router configuration. BHSM Systems, LLC. uses techniques to integrate new network systems without disrupting usual operations of everyday business. Steps used in the implementation phase are as follows:

• Building centers for network operations and management
• Implementing a high-speed backbone network
• Implementing remote access technology
• Re-configuring and/or upgrading network systems


BHSM Systems, LLC. can assist clients with the everyday tasks in order to keep a network running. BHSM Systems, LLC. has extensive experience with all the major client/server networks protocols. Operations include the following:

• Routing operations such as additions, deletions, moves and changes
• Disaster recovery planning
• Managing user accounts
• Network backups
• Network accounting practices
• Documenting policies and procedures
• Network troubleshooting and repairs


Our optimization services address containing costs and networks utilization issues related to the backbone architecture and infrastructure of the client’s network. These optimization techniques are designed to identify tactical alternatives to optimize workgroup, departmental, building or campus network investments. Following are some of our network optimization services:

• Bandwidth analysis and recommendations
• Network traffic analysis and recommendations
• Network process analysis
• Communication to client personnel on key networking issues and topics


The following are included:

Current System Analysis
Review of current and planned network utilization, may include interviews with key staff members, requirements analysis and systems recommendations,equipment inventory, and analysis of current hardware and software.

Network Design
Placement of hardware components, utilization and feasibility issues to meet current needs and expansion for future growth.

Implementation Plan
A step by step plan including hardware inventory, site survey, cabling,setup and testing.

Network Installation
The network is installed and tested in house and on site in keeping with the Implementation Plan.

Network Training
Systems Administrator training on site covering backups, files management, resource allocation and network maintenance.

Network Support
A variety of support options are available are available to suit your needs. These range from per hour services to block time arrangements with guaranteed response times and covers servers, workstations. This serves to minimize the system downtime should problem occurs.

Network Monitoring
Dedicated system continuously evaluates CPU health, memory and network traffic. The system benchmarks and trends network data to analyze the potential for optimization or early detection of possible problems. Easy to understand reports are created to convey the conclusions of the analysis.

Integrated email, scheduling and document management to automate your workflow. Seamless integration with the Internet.

Future Planning
Period construction to best plan for future growth in a proactive manner. Evaluation of evolving needs, technology shifts, new products and applications to protect your investment.


Internet Email
Easy access to your own email account with the ability to send and receive emails over the Internet. Seamless integration between Intra-Network email and Internet email.

Web Access
Connectivity to an Internet Source Provider. Setup of a browser to allow easy access to web pages worldwide.

Web Site Development
Custom web page design for use on the Internet or your own company Intranet. Internet and Intranet web server implementation, to include hardware, software and connectivity to the Internet.

Intranet Solutions
Web server implementations for use with your own local or wide area network. Connectivity between your network web server and the Internet for easy, secure outside access.